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Way to Go Bubba!

06.03.2008by: Cherry Liquor

Even if this isn't true, I still like it. A writer for the political portion of Vanity Fair (I didn't even know there was one) by the name of Todd Purdum is writing about Hillary Clinton and the notorious wayward ways of her husband, our last good president. He's spilling information about Hil, Bill and even Chelsea. Mostly, I couldn't care less. I still hold out hope that Dean might take another run at the White House.

Anyhow... Purdum is talking about the multiple different women that Bubba has been seen about town with since retiring from office. One is some billionaire heiress (aka: another bitch who didn't actually earn her money) and another is Gina Gershon. The sultry, sexy, incomparable Gina "BOUND" Gershon.

Bill is denying it and calling Purdum "sleazy." Gerson's people are asking that Vanity Fair print a retraction. I don't care. I spend half of my auto-stroke sessions thinking about Gina in various positions, sometimes with Jennifer Tilly in the mix, sometimes not. Anything else just adds more fuel to my fire. In fact, I need a minute.

Extra Tidbit: Gershon attended high school with Lenny Kravitz.
Source: DListedVanity Fair


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8:28AM on 06/04/2008
Just when I think I couldnt hate Lenny Kravitz any MORE.
Just when I think I couldnt hate Lenny Kravitz any MORE.
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