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Watching Naomie Harris get her drink on is jolly good fun

07.27.2016by: Cherry Liquor
Giggles are hard to come by lately, so it's refreshing to see a celebrity having a grand ol' time drinking with buddies at what appears to be an otherwise stuffy British gathering. Moneypenny herself, Naomie Harris was snapped sipping on Royal Salute Whiskey with friends at a polo event held in Egham, England over the past weekend. I love the classy glamour that Harris always exudes, looking collected and cool on the red carpet at movie premieres, so this unbuttoning, so to speak, is delightful to witness. The darling blue dress she had on, with its peek-a-boo lacy panel around the knees was quite the eye-catcher as well. Naomie recently finished up work on COLLATERAL BEAUTY, a drama set in the New York ad world, co-starring Will Smith, Edward Norton, Kate Winslet, Helen Mirren and Keira Knightley. With a cast like that, I'm guessing we'll be seeing more of Harris in fancy couture for Oscars 2017.


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