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Watch Dakota Blue Richards make a show of her bulbous, burgundy boobs

12.09.2015by: Droz

Oh yeah, I like this girl. You might be one of those unfortunate folks stuck associating Dakota Blue Richards with her child star beginnings in THE GOLDEN COMPASS, but I never saw that movie. So I can sit back and be perfectly content to behold her penchant for showing off that massive rack of hers on red carpet events, without any pesky reminders of her past adolescence. She's clearly proud of those gorgeous things spread out across her chest. And why not be? They're impressive on a level all their own. These aren't like the ginormous titties you see on a curvy hottie like Kelly Brook or someone equivalent. Dakota got her rack without having to thicken up first. Those titties enlarged entirely of their own volition. Some wonderful genetic programming at work within her which determined that Dakota should be graced with triple D's. Those are the best kind of genes.

Source: NSFW


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