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Warm Caribbean waters make Hannah Davis' boobs want to come out

03.01.2016by: Droz

This impetus toward boob release is a well known phenomenon when boobs approach pristine waters and sandy beaches. Not all boobs are alike though. Take Hannah Davis' boobs. Clearly a superior class of boobies if there ever was one. Which is why these boobs are currently getting handled by multi-millionaire baseball legends rather than some broke ass bum like your humble news editor here. Fortunately for all us broke ass bums out there, Hannah has that urge to remove all clothing when offshore breezes and sandy beaches are near. Thus this Maxim magazine spread, where the soon to be Mrs. Jeter shows off her perfect boobies in a number of scenarios. Unfortunately for Hannah, she hooked up with Jeter just in time for his crippling, bloated, prescription med abusing, rageaholic, post big league downward spiral. Should be a barrel of laughs for her.

Source: Maxim


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