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Wal-Mart Bans Fox

05.02.2008by: Cherry Liquor

We already know that Megan Fox is a thief. She blatantly stole our hearts (and is still holding ransom most people's libidos) in TRANSFORMERS. Zeus only knows how much she's going to confiscate from us when she gets naked in JENNIFER'S BODY. The woman is a straight up criminal.

And a Wal-Mart in Florida has further proof. Growing up as a teenager, Megan had quite the five finger discount working for her as she frequently pocketed make-up and other skin and hair-care supplies from the discount retailer. So much so that at one point she was banned for life when the Nazis working there caught her trying to pilfer a $7 tube of lip gloss.

Fox's people are refusing to either confirm or deny the claim but I can bet one thing for sure: she probably doesn't give a shit about getting $7 lip gloss anymore. She's being given far more from the companies making the quality stuff, and all for free. But maybe they bait her by placing a bag in the room and telling her to watch it but not take anything. Heh. I'm just curious.

Extra Tidbit: Megan was born in Rockwood, Tennessee. And she's fine. That's an irrefutable fact.
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