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W magazine gets hotties in bed, Sarah Paulson topless in latest issue

06.30.2016by: Cherry Liquor

Wellllll.... here's something that I didn't know I really wanted to see. In the August 2016 issue of W Magazine, "American Horror Story" phenom (outside of Jessica Lange, of course), Sarah Paulson goes full nipple in a gorgeous shot from her photoshoot. (Click on the censored image below to check out the NSFW version.) Paulson has always been a fearless actress, taking on some dicey material and being open about her personal life, where she is a proudly out lesbian.

The same issue features Eva Green on the cover in one of the tamest shoots I've ever seen the usually far more nude hottie in, making for the second most disappointing feature in the magazine. The first is obviously the under-usage of Krysten Ritter with only one shot of the "Jessica Jones" babe looking as if she's recovering from a hard wallop to the side of her head. The rest of the hotties in the issue round out with Juno Temple, Thandie Newton and Jurnee Smollett-Bell.


Source: W Magazine


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