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W Magazine busts out Charlize, Maika, Rooney & others for annual movie issue

01.06.2016by: Cherry Liquor
W magazine can be hit or miss for me, considering that they're the culprits behind that atrocious nude, silver-painted Kim Kardashian cover that started a trend of nude Kardoucheian magazine covers for far too many years to come. For this year's movie issue, I'm granting the periodical some passing points because they didn't go for the easiest or the flashiest names. Maika Monroe is headed for some big exposure when INDEPENDENCE DAY: RESURGENCE hits screens in June. Greta Gerwig gave an incredible performance in MISTRESS AMERICA, which she also co-wrote.

I don't want to give them wiggle room for Rooney Mara because she's just as hit-or-miss of an actress as they are a magazine. But the great pictures of ROOM's Brie Larson, THE DANISH GIRL's Alicia Vikander, BROOKLYN's Saoirse Ronan, PITCH PERFECT 2 director Elizabeth Banks and SUICIDE SQUAD star Margot Robbie are all awesome. As for MAD MAX: FURY ROAD goddess, Charlize Theron black & white & practically nude? Well, that nearly makes up for Kim entirely.

Source: People


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