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Viloletta Komyshan presents her low-hanging fruits in support of her man

06.15.2017by: Droz

I don't expect very many of you will know who Violetta Komyshan is ahead of checking out this article. The most pertinent bit of info on Violetta, as it pertains to her appearance here at the premiere of BABY DRIVER last night, is that she's the girlfriend of that movie's star, Ansel Elgort. So there's her justification for being on the red carpet. The reason she made it on this site is the way she made her appearance on said red carpet, namely in a see thru blouse making a fine display of a rather impressive set of tits. Unfortunately the full power of Violetta's rack was spoiled by a couple of flesh-colored pasties, but there's enough on display to understand how good Ansel has it. It's not every girlfriend who supports her man enough to essentially bring her boobs out in public. Sounds like a keeper to me.

Source: GotCeleb


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