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Video: Salma commits animal cruelty on Letterman

10.28.2011by: Seth Gecko

You've seen the mind-blowing photos earlier this week from one of our intrepid reporters and now you get to feast what's left of your eyeballs on Salma Hayek's enormous boobs at 24 frames per second. Now I know we've all seen her cleavage many times before over the years as she's never been one to shy her puppies away from the camera. However ladies and gents, this particular interview clip on Letterman for PUSS IN BOOTS below just might be her strongest case of animal cruelty to date. She has confined her enormous puppies so much under her dress that I almost want to call PETA and complain saying that she needs to release those puppies before they suffocate. My lord you're a hot woman Salma...don't ever forget it and I'm sure you're reminded every single day.

Extra Tidbit: I really hate your billionaire husband right now Salma. Just letting that out.
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