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Vida Guerra shows her ex what he's missing

02.10.2015by: Droz

Female jealousy can be a tricky thing. Sometimes it's a good thing for a guy, as it might give her a little incentive to fight for her man or otherwise do things to make him more mindful of what he's missing out on. But then there are the other times when jealousy creates a "woman scorned" situation, which is usually when things start to go really bad. Fortunately outrageously big ass owner Via Guerra went with the former approach when attempting to let her former squeeze, Yankee vet Derek Jeter, just what he's missing by getting with current SI Swimsuit cover model Hannah Davis. The result is this series of g-string bikini shots of the smoking hot Cuban hottie which she posted on her Instagram page. She also commented on the matter to TMZ Sports, saying ""Hannah is Derek's type for sure, he's always liked tall girls ... but she was like seven when him and I dated." She went on to say "Curves are in - and I have all of those."

She's got that right. And then some.

Source: Instagram


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