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Vida Guerra proved she can still bring the booty at the CHiPs premiere

03.21.2017by: Droz

You don't see much of Vida Guerra anymore. There was a time when if you were in need of a heaping helping of Latina ass, Vida pretty much had to be your go to hottie. No one could resist dat ass. Then that just sort of stopped. What happened there? I thought the prevailing attitude toward Latina hotties was that they enjoy incredible shelf lives. Take your Sofia Vergaras or your Salma Hayeks. They're showing no sign of slowing down. Neither is Vida, by the looks of things here. That legendary ass seems to be perfectly intact based on what I'm seeing of it at the CHiPs premiere last night. We definitely need to get Vida back in the game somehow. There can be no justice in this world when an ass like Vida's is sidelined.

Vida Guerra's Amazing ass

Source: GotCeleb


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