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Victoria Justice's modelling style is just hanging out and looking beautiful

12.01.2016by: Droz

No big surprise to find out Victoria Justice doesn't have to put much effort into looking good enough to model stuff. This is a woman who wakes up in the morning and makes a glorious sunrise out the window look positively boring. That's how pleasing to the eye Vicky is. Yet as happy as I am to look at her, I did have an unpleasant musing on her recently after watching a bit of her ROCKY HORROR remake. It was the realization that being easy on the eyes might just be the best thing she has going for her. Victoria's attempts at being anything more than a beautiful looking glass have proven mediocre at best. It could be she just hasn't found the right role. Or, she could just be a terrible actress. I hate to think it's the latter, but I suspect it is. That's too bad. It would suck if she fell into obscurity, especially since there are plenty of places for not-so-great actors to go. You can find them airing at just about any prime time hour on most of the popular networks.

But, should the whole acting thing not go well for Victoria, there's always a life of mermaiding. She just made the cover of the Project Mermaids book, wherein they take famous people and dress them up as mermaids. Yeah, sure, ok. It works on her, as do most things.

Victoria Justice Project Mermaids

Source: NKD


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