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Victoria Justice went to Hawaii and brought her bikini collection with her

09.01.2015by: Droz

If you've been paying any attention to Victoria Justice's various social media lately, you'll know that the supreme hottie has been in Hawaii for the last week or so, endeavoring on various silly escapades in the land of sun and fun. All those pics and vids of Victoria filming shit with her phone were starting to make me feel a little short changed, since it was clear from the one or two selfies she took that she was wearing various hot bikinis during most of these little Snapchat moments and whatnot. It seemed Victoria was simply not interested in getting the vacation snaps we all really wanted to see. Fortunately, someone realized that important perspectives on this Hawaiian adventure were being overlooked. Thus these pics of the supreme hottie doing a little snorkeling and paddleboarding in a variety of bikinis. It's not everyday that we get to see Victoria wearing so little, I'm sad to say. So take it in, folks. Take it all in.

Extra Tidbit: Hottest. Midriff. Evar.
Source: HawtCelebs


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