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Victoria Justice was sparkly inspiration at the amfAR gala

06.10.2016by: Droz

Feels like it's been awhile since we saw Victoria Justice show up at a gala event in a sexy dress like this, looking all perfect and sweet in her characteristic way. Apparently much of her time in the last few months has been devoted to her ROCKY HORROR update. Bless her heart, I'm happy to see Vicky getting more gigs. Unfortunately, I also see this thing sinking like a stone. ROCKY HORROR fans are some of the most reverential and fanatical who ever lived. They not only love that movie, they worship it with rituals so convoluted they make Catholic masses seem positively succinct by comparison. If you've ever been to a RHPS screening, you know this. Are those fans going to welcome a new version in with the same kind of rabid allegiance? I doubt it. Eh, screw them. This thing has Vicky in her underwear. This alone has me sold.

Source: NSFW


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