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Victoria Justice suggesting which brand of tissue we should be reaching for

09.09.2016by: No Cool Handle

As if the regal Victoria Justice wasn't selling enough tissues already, she showed up to something called Nature's Bounty Celebrity Gift Suite – an event hosted by tissue giant, Cottonelle – with enough exposed midriff to send the companies stock through the roof. This beauty has been the unofficial face of the towel and tissue business for some time now; maybe she's looking for a corporation to represent. Why give it away for free, right?. Being the persistent Victoria Justice enthusiast I am, you're getting not one but two sets of sexiness. Included are her arrival shots for 29 Rooms Refinery 2nd Annual Fashion Week – whatever the f**k that is. I know Cottonelle will thank us for doing our part in keeping Victoria Justice pics circulating throughout the web. For every one shot of Victoria's denim-covered ass, they sell an abundance of tissue.  I can't wait for the day she shows up at a promotional event for Jergens.

Source: NS4WNS4W


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