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Victoria Justice puts her sexiness up front

05.17.2016by: No Cool Handle

Fox's 'Up Front' is an event where the networks top brass try to project confidence in their roster of content-to-come. I say project confidence because although that was the goal, it reeked of desperation. Networks are trying to deter media buyers from going to the digital competition with tales of risk and danger in hopes of keeping as much of those ad dollars at Fox, where they belong. "The digital metrics game is rigged,” Fox ad sales chief Toby Byrne assured the crowd. "Impressions for sub-prime video can’t match the reach of premium television.” Yup, they're so nervous about this they went to the trouble of creating a cleaver jab like sub-prime cable (that's good!), insinuated the trend to be nothing more than a bubble, the likes of the sub-prime housing bubble -- denial and assurance are not one in the same.

If you want to give sub-prime video - damn, that's catchy(!) - some real competition, instead of giving people another shitty season of 24, follow Victoria Justice around with a camera 24 hours a day; name your station Prime Justice; have all of the ads, from selling adult diapers to car insurance, feature this incredibly sexy girl, then, your only problem is what to do with all the f**kin' cash.. Who wouldn't have that on round the clock? Take a look at her chosen attendance attire and tell me you wouldn't have loved to see how it came to be. Imagine Victoria standing in front of her 2,000 sq. foot closet in bra and panties, carefully making her selection. Make this happen Fox; your relevancy depends on it.

P.S. - It's funny to hear Fox refer to themselves as 'premium' after you've seen LUCIFER -- talk about sub-prime.

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