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Victoria Justice promotes her Venice Magazine cover in fine style

05.06.2016by: No Cool Handle

When someone says Victoria Justice is so freaking hot it hurts, that can't be dismissed as hyperbole; I've heard it from too many people, too many times. The agonizing conundrum that there isn't a woman like her for everyone is almost too painful a thought to linger on. Instead, I've been focusing on the myriad of sensuous acts projecting through my mind, which haven't ceased since the moment I laid eyes upon the sexist pair of f**k-me-boots ever envisioned. Thank you, you most artistic of boot-makers. There's really nothing about her to squabble over – if there's a flaw, I sure as hell don't see it. She showed up to promote this months cover of Venice Magazine in Hollywood Florida (a posh town for a posh girl) looking hotter than in the very photos she's promoting. The folks at Venice should take note of this and let her pick out the wardrobe next time. This girl's a solid 10.

Source: Got Celeb


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