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Victoria Justice kept her leggy beauty going despite a shoe lace malfunction

02.06.2017by: Droz

Victoria Justice was on hand for this Rebecca Minkoff fashion show thing which they apparently decided to throw right in the middle of the street somewhere in Hollywood. Fortunately this doesn't look like one of their notoriously congested commuter routes. Otherwise you would have seen psychos running folks like Vicky off the road and shooting up the place in road rage incidents. You gotta hand it to her. She might not have had traffic to deal with, but adversity did raise it's meddlesome head in the form of a poorly tied sandal. Yet to her credit, Victoria kept it going like a pro. Risking a nasty face plant should those loose strings come under foot, she soldiered on. I appreciate her being the trooper she is, but I can't condone anything which might put those stems in danger. So please take a minute and lace up those no doubt expensive sandals next time.

This event also offered another reminder of how natural Victoria's beauty is. Just check her out pre-makeup application below. It's a rare thing for the ladies to lose the makeup and still be just as beautiful.

Victoria Justice au naturel

Source: NSFW


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