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Victoria Justice keeps that low cut & braless ball a rollin'

10.14.2015by: Droz

Victoria Justice Cosmo Latinas 2015 Cover

Our resident bright ray of sunshine known as Victoria Justice has herself a spread in Cosmo Latinas this month, once again coming across as the sweetest little thing in the world. One somewhat critical thing I can say about Vicky is that I prefer her when she keeps the makeup and whatnot to a minimum, which is not what she was doing for the celebration of her spread at some Cosmo event. If there was ever a face that didn't need any help in being beautiful, it's this one. Of course, she can wear all the low cut dresses she wants. This plunging neckline thing seems to be her go to look for red carpets. I approve of this new trend. Victoria might not be the most stacked girl out there, but that's okay. What she's got is made all the better by being hers. I'd much rather get a better look at her healthy B-cups than some double D's I could mention.

Victoria Justice Cosmo Latinas 2015

Source: Cosmo


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