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Victoria Justice joins the blonde club and struts her sexy stuff

03.23.2015by: Droz

Seems this transitioning to blonde thing is the new dumb shit women feel compelled to do to their perfectly good hair. Well, it's not new. The ladies have been going blonde for decades. It's just that nowadays they make a note of the change as a means of drumming up media coverage, whereas before it was one of those things they tried to keep quiet and never mention lest anyone figure out they weren't born that way. I might be a little pissed to see Victoria Justice go this same route with her Koda magazine spread, were it not for the fact that her beauty is far too resilient to be harmed by any abrupt change in hair color. Girl is just as gorgeous as ever here. She's one of those hotties who would look good with any hair, or no hair for that matter. That's natural beauty at it's finest, kids. Doesn't hurt that she's rocking a butt-spanking sexy body either, some of which she shows off nicely in this behind the scenes montage. Looking good, Vicky!

Source: Kode


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