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Victoria Justice & Jessica Alba tie for my hot award at the MTV Movie Awards

04.14.2014by: ResidentRiddle64

The MTV Movie Awards is something that I haven't seen since I was probably about fourteen and even then, I couldn't take it seriously. I'm sorry, but when you have a category of Best Summer Movie You Haven't Seen Yet and it went to TRANSFORMERS, I picked my television up and threw it out the window, killing an old man walking his pet skunk. Perhaps I should stop taking it so seriously. All the people there are having fun; why can't I? I guess I would feel like I'm at a One Direction concert if I were to ever watch it again. Sure, everyone else is having a great time and it's not meant to be taken very seriously, but there's too much screaming and the people I see on stage would make me want to throw a shoe at them all Hilary Clinton style. 

That's my tirade against the MTV Movie Awards, everyone! Thanks for reading. Oh, wait… Sorry. You must want me to point out the hotties that were there. Oh, right.. Uh, well, Rita Ora was looking mighty fine (you can see that here), but I was a little more on the side of Victoria Justice and Jessica Alba. There's no denying that Jessica is a beautiful woman, but I feel very comfortable in saying that this is the best she's looked in a while. As far as Victoria goes…well, you all know what I think of her. I'm head over heels in crush with her and anytime she makes an appearance, I have to take notice. Check out the two beauties below, folks. 


Source: Got Celeb


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