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Victoria Justice is red hot in tight blue

11.17.2015by: Droz

Just about anything Victoria Justice gets up to is good enough reason to post some pics. She possesses a certain minimum amount of eye candy no matter what she's up to. I think it's a given that the truly meaningful Victoria moments come when she dresses with the intention of showing off her sexier side. Thus was the case for this special event, where the amazing hottie phenom wore a sexy little blue number with the even sexier thigh high boots. It's intriguing how frequently we post pics of this girl without her ever approaching anything boring or played out. Try revisiting most other persons, places or things in that way and see them quickly grow as stale as week old bread. Victoria just seems to get more and more fascinating the more you see of her.

Extra Tidbit: I really want a hug from Vicky now.
Source: NSFW


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