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Victoria Justice is one sexy mother pucker

08.15.2016by: Droz

Seemingly looking to back up everything I gushed about Victoria Justice in this week's Face Off are these pics from some makeup event Victoria attended this weekend. Notice all the cleavage she's been showing off lately? I wonder if her time spent as Janet Weiss in this ROCKY HORROR remake has had a positive effect on Victoria's willingness to bring them boobies out for our viewing pleasure. Making a display of her body is one area where Vicky is unfortunately a little light. That's a shame, because she has so much to offer there. Perhaps Victoria just needs a really juicy, grownup role to come along and shake her out of her children's programming doldrums. It's worked for other members of her generation in Hollywood. It should work for Victoria. Let's hope this remake does the trick there. Or if not, that something else comes along real soon to make Victoria keen on sharing ALL her goodies with the rest of the class.

Source: NSFW


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