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Victoria Justice is finally starting to learn how to dress

01.22.2015by: ResidentRiddle64

Or maybe Victoria Justice knew all along. Perhaps she knew in her heart just how incredible she would look in a dress like this that revealed her leg, her thigh, her midriff, and her shoulders in gloriously equal measure. I'm not up for nominating someone as the President of Performing of The Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes Song, but Victoria would be a perfect nominee with the outfit she's rocking (not to mention that smile of hers). Anyway, Jimmy Fallon had Victoria on as a guest on his late show last evening. I'm sure it had something to do with promotion for her new show EYE CANDY and a more ironic title could not exist with this girl in the starring role. Hopefully, this late night appearance is just a sign of things to come with her dressing styles and hopefully she just decides to appear on the next talk show (or my front door) not wearing a damn thing. FIngers crossed. In the mean time, I'll just enjoy what I'm seeing here. There's more than enough to enjoy here, honestly, whether you appreciate forearms or shins. 

Source: Celebmafia


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