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Victoria Justice does the dance of the poor signal in a sexy swimsuit

07.18.2016by: Droz

Seems like this past weekend was a time when many a hottie decided to get themselves in a swimsuit by a body of water. I like those weekends. One more who felt this collective urge to be swimsuited was Victoria Justice, seen here angling for a few more bars on her phone while down Miami way. We've all done that bad signal dance, haven't we? It's the desperate search for a clear line of sight to a signal tower nearby which might afford us just one more bar sufficient to upload that pic of our mimosa to Instagram before lunch. Fortunately Vicky's sister Madison was there to help. Or maybe not. I can't really tell from these pics. All I can tell is that at some point the two of them gave up and decided to just go swimming. Always the right move - especially for hotties like these.

Also, here's another pic of Vicky apparently doing some free dive cave exploring. That's some impressive lung capacity she has there.

Victoria Justice Cake Bikini

Source: NSFW


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