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Victoria Justice continues to make New York Fashion Week her time to shine

09.12.2016by: Droz

We all know by now how hyper aware Victoria Justice is of the paps and their cameras. Girl always makes sure if there's something happening nearby which will get her pics posted to sites like this one, she's gonna be there with bells on. Victoria's bells have looked mighty fine for the various events at this year's New York Fashion Week, for which Vicky has been all over. It's a good thing to see her repeatedly out and about in sexy mode. We didn't see her for a large chunk of 2016, as she was filming her scenes in the ROCKY HORROR remake. I kind of missed her frequent appearances. She has a calming, soothing effect I've come to rely on - that and her more bonerific qualities.

Speaking of ROCKY HORROR, I don't know a single fan of the original movie who has any interest in this remake. So I'm not entirely sure who they've made it for. I guess it's a bid to get younger folks on board. Why they couldn't just rely on the original for that is beyond me, but one segment of the population who might take interest in this movie are Victoria Justice fans. I mean where else are you going to see Vicky get spanked by a gender-bending mad scientist while her tits almost pop out? I can't think of any other place.

Source: NSFW


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