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Victoria Justice looks for attention in places other than her sweet face

12.20.2016by: Droz

We have no shortage of posts gushing over Victoria Justice's good looks. She is a doll, that's for sure. But one thing you don't see much from her amidst all these moments of cuteness, are gratuitous shots of the rest of Victoria. The closing months of 2016 seem to be addressing this oversight. You may have seen a few highlights from her ROCKY HORROR remake wherein Vicky's tits were one of the few good things to be seen. Now she's giving us another peek at what she's got happening there in one of her new photoshoots, as well as some pics for something called Project Mermaid, which is an ocean's awareness thing that brings attention to the cause of preserving our oceans by having hotties dress up as mermaids. Sure, okay. If it get's Vicky barely covered, I'm down for whatever the reason might be. I'm still very fond of her looks, but I think it's well past time the rest of her gets some recognition as well.

Source: NSFW


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