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Victoria Justice beams out beauty in blue at the barn

05.01.2015by: Droz

Victoria Justice was doing her part for the cause of selling cheap furniture and decorations to teens in need of stuff to fill their dorms. Her part being that of the hottie who makes anything better by simply flashing a smile or sticking out her sweet little butt. Thus this appearance at this Pottery Barn Teen event, where Vicky's buoyant attitude remained intact despite the pervasiveness of blue in the decor. It was recently announced that her MTV detective show Eye Candy isn't getting a second season, which makes sense. Not a great show. To compensate for the cancellation of that, Victoria is making a move over to NBC to guest star on their show Undateable. I assume she's going to be the ironic contrast to that show's band of undesirables. Short of having her play a grumpy leper, there's simply no way on Earth anyone could be any more dateable than Victoria.

Source: Superior Pics


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