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Victoria Justice and Vanity Fair celebrate young Hollywood in fine style

02.22.2017by: No Cool Handle

If you want to know how great it is to be young, beautiful and working in Hollywood just ask raven-haired beauty Victoria Justice. After all, the girl is only 24 years old and already has the world by the balls; seems only fitting she attend events like the Vanity Fair and L’Oreal Paris Toast to Young Hollywood, essentially paying tribute to herself and alike. Vanity Fair kinda f**ked up by not making Victoria Justice the poster girl for such an event. Who better to represent young Hollywood than perhaps the finest twentysomething hottie working in Tinseltown? Maybe they didn't want to create jealousy among the other attendees, lest a "balls to the wall" catfight breakout on the red carpet. Victoria is the kind of girl who inspires the sin of envy in her female peers, or in our case, the sin of lust.

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