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Victoria Justice and Elizabeth Gillies were fashionably hot for the Bazaar

01.30.2017by: Droz

I guess if you weren't on the invite list for the SAG Awards last night, the next best thing was to be at this Harper's Bazaar 150 Most Fashionable Women thing, wherein the hotties who dress the best got themselves a little praise from the fashionistas. I can't comment on what makes a hottie's dress good or bad, at least according to those people. I know my standards for excellent style typically involve the hotties wearing as little as possible. That wasn't quite the case at last night's festivities, but it was still a pretty good show. They had Victoria Justice and Elizabeth Gillies and Emily Ratajkowski and Dove Cameron all dressed to impress in their own usual way. All 4 of these lovely ladies were showing some skin to some degree, so I don't feel like crowning a winner there. To me, they all earn a participation trophy for just being the supreme hotties they are. That might not be a SAG award, but it is from the heart.

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