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Victoria Justice and Christina Milian get touchy-feely at Comic-Con

07.22.2016by: No Cool Handle

First, Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump air kisses his running mate, Mike Pence, right before his RNC convention speech; a symbol of their newfound bromance, perhaps? Now, Christina Milian gets frisky with Victoria Justice at Comic-Con. The latter interaction being infinitely more sexy. There's something in the air, but it doesn't look like it's reached Victoria's lungs yet. The way she turned her head suggests the raven-haired beauty believes Christina is about to give her a very public tongue f**king. That, or she's trying to avoid cherry-red lipstick from being stamped on her face. I really have no idea why she's so opposed. It would've been a truly memorable moment and given us something to discuss other than fan boys taking selfies's with life-sized representations of their favorite dudes in spandex... as long as they're not air kissing them.

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