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Victoria Justice already owns New York Fashion Week

09.08.2016by: Droz

There is yet another Fashion Week thing happening, this time in NYC. Seems like there's always a Fashion Week happening somewhere. If every week is a fashion event somewhere, wouldn't that make singling them out redundant? Whatever. The only good thing about these things I can find is that they bring out the hotties and seem to make them competitive in the way they present themselves. This is a good thing when hotties are spurred to go that extra mile there. Just check out the effect it all had on Victoria Justice while she made her way around to the various events. Vicky bringing the cleavage is good. Vicky using her crotchal region and supple thighs to draw attention to her accessories is even better. And then there's her face. Oh what a face. She truly is the prettiest, most sweetest thing around. I could look at that perfect smile all day. In fact, I have been. Which is probably why I'm in such a good mood. Victoria's mug makes life just a little more bearable.

Source: NSFW


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