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Venice is the perfect place for some Sophie Turner side boob

09.06.2016by: No Cool Handle

Thank the seven gods for something called The Kineo Diamanti Ceremony. It was there Sophie Turner claimed her very own Kineo Prize. What's significant about that, I have no idea. But it was important enough to give the Game of Thrones star cause to stun eager onlookers and fellow attendees with some of her milky white side boob. Forgive me if I'm overlooking any past examples, but this has to be one of Ms. Turner's most revealing red carpet walks to date – in regards to how much boobage is being shown, of course. Up until now, it's been those savory legs of hers that get most of the attention. On this particular evening, all eyes were on that plunging neckline; an epoch-making moment. Hopefully, it's safe to assume the restrained Sophie Turner of old is gone, replaced by a confident, seriously sexy woman who's willing to put more skin in the game, and more often.

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