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Venezuelan model Aida Yespica looks firmly propped up in a bikini top

07.07.2016by: No Cool Handle

There's probably a lot of people who've never heard of Aida Yespica. She's one of those models that, while extremely beautiful, got lost in the shuffle of many South American imports. With Victoria's Secret employing so many hotties from Latin countries like Brazil and Colombia, some models who deserve more recognition inevitably fall by the wayside. Not that she hasn't enjoyed some success; appearing on the cover of Playboy and Maxim and landing some bikini and lingerie modeling gigs along to way. Once you click through these photos of her beachside holiday weekend – spent packed into a two-piece – you'll see why. Even at 33 (that's like 45 in modeling years), the lanky Venezuelan can still induce heavy panting – just as easily as her younger peers can. And it doesn't look like she'll be hitting the wall anytime soon; definitely not in the chest area thanks to a little surgical propping up. There's always a firecracker on the Fourth of July.

Source: Got Celeb


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