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Vanessa Marano works the sweet goth look for Disney's Winter TCA

01.13.2017by: Cherry Liquor
Vanessa Marano has been pulling out more stops in the past year, not just showing up to more events but cranking up her special level of cute hot where she looks flawless without being too scantily dressed. For the 2017 Disney Winter TCA, Vanessa had the pale skin, black hair thing that has made Krysten Ritter so popular for good reason - there's an innocence there that also comes off as freak-in-the-sheets without slapping you in the face. Although I know there are some of you who actually like that. As for whether you like Marano's show, Switched At Birth, it doesn't seem to matter. There are enough people watching to keep that melodrama going for a few more years.
Source: Got Celeb


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