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Vanessa Hudgens vamps it up at Moschino LA Live event

06.13.2016by: Cherry Liquor
I don't know who Vanessa Hudgens thinks she's fooling with the abundance of curls flowing around her head. While I remember her having relatively long hair before cutting it off in 2011 for her role in GIMME SHELTER, it certainly wasn't as out of control as she's been representing recently. She's also cut and colored her locks for various gigs, including her brief role as the Candie's spokesceleb. Honestly, I don't care if she's paid out the ass for a bunch of the finest hair India can export, the end game is that she looks f@cking fierce wearing it this way. Hudgens was in Los Angeles over the weekend for a special fashion show that designer Jeremy Scott held for the Moschino line. And although I've just ranted about Vanessa's hair, who the hell was that dude trying to kid by expecting us to inherently know that shit's pronounced "Mo-ski-no"? Again, no hate though. Clearly the famous people are willing to drop bank for his line of clothing that looks mass produced by some sweat shop out of Thailand.
Source: Daily Mail


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