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Vanessa Hudgens thinks the Creative Arts Emmy Awards calls for a lot of leg

09.12.2016by: No Cool Handle

I can't be the only one who loves an approachable hottie, the kind that's all smiles and friendly gestures in a moment of being photographed. It becomes noticeable when – either in candids or photo shoots – someone's constantly projecting a standoffish disposition via a stern stare, or, a demeanor that suggests she may have an aversion to being looked upon as a sexual object. It's more appealing when they are obviously embracing their God-given hotness; treating it as a gift, not a curse. We find Vanessa Hudgens in such a mode while attending the 2016 Creative Arts Emmy Awards, engaging onlookers with some playful legwork, not looking furtive in the least; her confidence magnified by the subtle use of makeup. No one likes it when that shit is caked on; do they? Vanessa let her natural beauty radiate on the red carpet – every bit of light captured by the camera uploaded to servers and beamed out of your computer screen to stimulate every ocular nerve.

Source: NS4W


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