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Vanessa Hudgens stays sweet and sexy despite her color-coordinated mangled paw

08.20.2015by: Droz

I saw some pics of Vanessa Hudgens coming out of an urgent care place the other day, apparently having done something to her right hand. That's never fun when your dominant hand has some kind of impairment. I still remember the busted wing I had in 2nd grade and having to come to the board to do cursive letters with the wrong hand. Fortunately all Vanessa had to worry about for her red carpet event was how best to coordinate her mangled hand with what she was wearing on this night. I've never heard of coordinating a cast, but apparently Vanessa found a way. Anyway, that temporary disability doesn't seem to have hurt her looks any. I've rarely seen her look more radiant than she is in these pics. Normally I don't like it when women pull their hair back like that. It tends to do weird things to their faces without any hair to properly frame them. Vanessa's not having any trouble with it. Perhaps that's true beauty at work. She's probably one of those women who would still be just as beautiful even with no hair at all.

Source: NSFW


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