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Vanessa Hudgens looks like an especially choice hottie

01.08.2016by: Droz

Vanessa Hudgens was one of the hotter numbers at this year's People's Choice awards. Which is funny, because we seem to have less and less reasons to post anything with Vanessa. Wasn't too long ago that she was a near constant presence around here, with multiple posts sometimes in the same day. Now there are whole months that go by where we have no cause to mention her once. I suppose that's what happens when you only make a couple of movies in a 2 year period and don't put out any albums anymore. Makes me wonder if the biz is passing Vanessa over. Granted, she's not the most impressive actress I ever saw, but she does have a look I think most of us have enjoyed for some time now. I suppose they can't all last. Every generation of hotties has those ones who just kind of fall away into obscurity. Doesn't feel right to have Vanessa go there. Not yet anyway.

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