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Vanessa Hudgens learns why they put the good stuff on the top shelves

08.17.2016by: Droz

This is clearly one of the drawbacks to wearing shit that barely does the job of keeping one's sensitive areas covered. You never know when the kind of stuff Vanessa Hudgens had on yesterday will fail to do its job. Take this situation here, where something on a top shelf reduced Vanessa's super short romper thing to an only partially effective cover of her sweet ass. I have experience with this problem, having once worked at a liquor store which stood one stop before a popular reservoir. You'd get women coming in there in next to nothing trying to haul out big ass bags of ice out of the freezer or trying to get the popular chips off the top shelf. Yes, we put them up there, because we were teenagers and you need to have something to get you through the day on a job like that. Needless to say, summer months were a really fun time to work there.

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