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Vanessa Hudgens fails to conceal her sexiness

10.17.2016by: No Cool Handle

Thankfully, Vanessa Hudgens didn't have enough appendages to cover both her face and her ass, so – again, thankfully – she opted for her face, leaving that tight little booty of hers directly in the paparazzi's crosshair. You gotta love a hottie who can turn an average afternoon of shopping for overpriced, organic food into a take notice leg show. Do the paparazzi normally camp out in front of Whole Foods? Does this particular parking lot provide a lot of opportunity to catch celebrity babes doing some sexy grocery shopping? On this day it did! Some fellow perv with an itchy snapping finger struck gold, proving that a hot set of photos can come from the most unlikely of places. The sexy Latina looked red-hot in her cute, little jumper, and best of all, in that naturally beautiful kind of way; the best kind of way, in my not so humble opinion. It must be all that grass fed-beef and pesticide-free fruit she consumes.

Source: Got Celeb


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