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Vadar Engages Bilson

02.18.2009by: Cherry Liquor

Rachel Bilson, that girl mainly known for being on "The O.C." and then later in JUMPER, where she met Darth Christensen, is now off the market by said actor. She's 27, he's 27. They're both about as interesting as the argument over whether the whole wheat bread you're buying is really made from whole wheat or if it's that non-bleached white flour shit. Real whole wheat bread will answer any dispute over whether the carb-Nazis are right about bread being evil. Darth Carb. Ha. Hey, I had to amuse myself somehow in this otherwise boring news break.
Extra Tidbit: She could just change the "O" in Bilson to an "E" and it would kinda be like taking his name. Really... these are such normal, boring people. Someone make me a sandwich.
Source: DListed


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