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Unseasonably warm temps prompt Hilary Duff to break out the cutoff shorts early

02.23.2016by: Droz

All the weather forecasters here in California have been going apeshit over this supposed El Nino surge of weather that was predicted to thoroughly soak the state in enough rain to cancel out much of our catastrophic drought. Yeah, well, as usual the hype was unfounded. Sure, we got some snow in the mountains which will last us a bit, provided the farmers and Nestle water bottling plants don't use it all up first. The real news, as far as the weather goes, are 80 and 90 degree temps in February. Another one of those climate change things, which for once has a positive angle in that prompted Hilary Duff to ditch the warm weather clothes and slip into a set of cut off shorts. Those are what I call thighs - thick and silky smooth. We could really use some more rain, but also more shots of Hilary in a minimum of clothes. I'm not prepared to say which of those is more important right now.

Source: Superior Pics


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