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Underwear was optional for some attending last night's MTV VMA's

08.31.2015by: Droz

I'm sure you've probably seen the media coverage of last night's VMAs. Maybe you even watched them. I'm not sure why you would want to put yourself through such torture, but to each their own I guess. If you've seen any of the postmortem on MTV's yearly attempt at a complete abandonment of anything resembling style or taste, you probably already know that Miley Cyrus was the lead show off of the evening. No big surprise there. And as usual, her flights of stupidity were just as bizarre as they were overt.

Miley Cyrus VMA's 2015

Miley even managed to let a nipple slip out at one point, which you may have also seen repeated in gif form across the interwebs by now. Wouldn't it be nice if that lose nipple sparked another overflow of rage by the prudes, a la the infamous Janet Jackson Super Bowl wardrobe malfunction. Maybe they could get Miley's career killed just like Janet's was. Probably not though. Nipple slips are practically the cornerstone of her career at this point.

While Miley was certainly the vanguard for over-the-top slutty at this year's VMAs, she was by no means alone in such displays. It seemed like the evening's events were a chance for many a hottie in attendance to let their exhibitionist flag fly, though not always from those you'd expect. For instance, both Emily Ratajkowski and Charlotte McKinney were practically puritanical in their garb, compared to the two hotties below, Greer Grammer and Chrissy Teigen. Not hardly a boob in sight for Emily or Charlotte, which is unlike them. On the other hand, it appears neither Greer or Chrissy considered underwear an important consideration on this night. I know there are ways to simulate a bottomless look without actually going that way, but the intent here would seem to imply that they do indeed have nothing on under those dresses. I like it. Miley tries too hard. She could learn a thing or two from these more subtle displays of slutty.

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