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Underboob seems to be Bella Thorne's new running theme

12.21.2016by: Cherry Liquor
For those who want to wail about Ariel Winter supposedly being fat simply because she's short and has big boobs (and a natural amount of body fat for a teenager, especially one who's curvy), I want to ask: is it worse to be thicker like Ariel or this slimmed down, heroin chic underweight shit that Bella Thorne seems so proud of? While the 19-year old was always a slender gal, this waist whittling of late seems to be going in the gross direction, where she might get compliments from Tara Reid but otherwise is starting to look like a stick figure with a couple of globs of goo thrown on in the chest area. Everyone seemed to love her boobs hanging out while she was on the beach in Miami, so Bella kept the trend up when she attended the Jingle Ball later that evening with that doughy kid who apparently is some singer/songwriter (who really just looks like a soft, boring version of Miles Teller). I'm worried about Bella, if I'm being honest. I'm worried that if I keep posting images of her looking like this, it'll just end up the documentation before she goes Full Lohan. And everyone knows, you don't go Full Lohan. No one ever comes back from going Full Lohan.

I went to see if any of her personally selected image posts look any better and found one of her in a Santa lingerie kit... so, the answer is nope.

Source: Digital Spy


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