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Unapologetic Rihanna apologizes to press as she winds down her 777 tour

11.21.2012by: Cherry Liquor
When you're Rihanna, you can get away with a lot of things. Smoking weed openly on tropical beaches, dancing drunk in the streets of her hometown (land?) of Barbados, forgiving that Douche Brown fellow. Yet there's one batch of people that the singer is humbling herself toward: the press. Those who were invited on the 777 tour where the singer was set to perform 7 shows in 7 countries in 7 days got to take pictures of Rihanna on November 14th annnnnnd.... that's about it. Once on the plane, Rihanna reportedly disappeared into the First Class cabin of the jet and didn't come out to talk to those she'd said she wanted to come along so she could, you know, talk to them about her latest album "Unapologetic." In a rather unique move, the promotional tour touted that it would be bringing 250 guests consisting of journalists, contest winners and other entourage. But after greeting and doing photo ops where she poured people champagne, little was to be seen of Rihanna after that initial stop and by this past Monday, those involved were restless and wild, including this Australian shock jock who decided to go streaking down the aisle of the plane.

While chants of "Save our Jobs" and "Just One Quote!" rang through the air, finally Rihanna surfaced to apologize for her lack of availability. "I know you guys got barely any dirt. …But I had to be good. I still sound like shit. It's impossible to spend time with everybody, and I'm sorry I didn't. But this was excellent and I would definitely do it again," she explained to the disappointed and disgruntled writers and guests. Now, if there was only some way for her to apologize for getting "Umbrella" stuck in my head every time I overhear it, I might just forgive her.


Source: NY Daily News
Tags: Rihanna


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7:12AM on 11/21/2012

Love her

I really do
I really do
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