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Un-Hot S&Ms Unite!

04.21.2008by: Cherry Liquor

After scoring a second place finish for its opening weekend, you'd think that the Apatow crew would be pretty pleased with themselves, once again taking an R rated movie, (this time, FORGETTING SARAH MARSHALL) to heights that most never reach. The only drawback is in pissing off the women of the world actually NAMED Sarah Marshall.

The posters and billboards have been up for a long time, in preparation for marketing the movie. We've all seen them, the black Sharpie marker on white background, with simple phrases like, "You Suck, Sarah Marshall," and "You Do Look Fat in Those Jeans, Sarah Marshall." Much like a few years back when people who went to watch BRUCE ALMIGHTY actually called the phone number that kept showing up on Carey's beeper, prompting the real-life couple to possess it to threaten to sue Universal Pictures if it wasn't changed (it was fixed in the DVD release), the Sarah Marshalls of the world were fighting back with "You Suck, Judd Apatow," posters. Oooo... scary.

There's been one art student who has been able to profit off of the exposure, the Sarah Marshall who owns the domain name "SarahMarshall.Com." Since the movie began its promotion, she's had over 20,000 people come and look at her artwork, all free promotion from Apatow. What's he saying about it? I don't know. But I DO know that the movie was damn funny and if you're not seeing it, you're missing out on some fine hottie ass. (I'm a Mila fan, but I guess I can understand the appeal of Kristen.)


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