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UK reality babe Chantelle Connelly wants to show you her hand tattoos

10.14.2016by: Cherry Liquor
Whenever I think that the reality shows in the US are getting a bit over the top, I need only look to the shining darlings of the UK reality show set to put myself right. Not that I think Chantelle Connelly is a sad sight, what with her fit body and clear love of showing it off, but the fact that she was either booted off or quit after one season of what they call Geordie Shore (I can only imagine that it has something of the equivalent of guidos and guidettes on it, or it's named that simply because MTV produces that show as well) does not bode well for her internal beauty. Chantelle is 26 years old and boasts an impressive 300K+ followers between Instagram and Twitter, all thanks to the worldwide phenomenon that is watching people we think are lower than us on the humanity bar so we can collectively sigh and either feel better about our own existences or be that last good push off the cliff of ever giving a f*ck ever again about anything.
Source: Daily Mail


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