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UK reality babe Ashleigh Defty deftly works the pool in a metallic bikini

12.28.2016by: Cherry Liquor
Why is it that when MTV decides to produce a reality show in the US, it's all emotionally disturbed pregnant teens and gross orange chicks from New Jersey and when they come up with shit like Ex on the Beach for the British crowd, it's hot chicks like Ashleigh Defty? Shit, I wish I had heard of this chick or that she got the kind of crazy coverage that Ashley James and her bikini vacations do. Granted, scrolling through her Instagram shows a chick who wants the kind of Kardoucheian fame that I'm not on board with, complete with the puffy lip posts, when she looks so much better with a more natural look in the pool here. But still, the 21-year old fashion & beauty blogger is a refreshing change from what the network puts out for the Yanks, even if she does seem to want to be as generic as those who have made it past the staged moments into their own staged moments.
Source: Daily Mail


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