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UFC ring girl Kahili Blundell's watered down shoot

03.15.2016by: No Cool Handle

As of 9 a.m. this morning I have an all new infatuation; Kahili Blundell be thy name. She is a worthy successor to Arianny Celeste and can probably hold up round cards with surgical precision. Speaking of precision: a special thanks has to be given to the photographer over at Studio Flamingo for crafting some seriously sexy images. They include many hot favorites like the all important ass shot, wet t-shirt, under boob, side boob and a new one: on all fours, over the kitchen sink. This extremely photogenic, blue-eyed beauty will have a more lucrative career once her world wide web notoriety shoots up, and I fully intend on playing my small part in nurturing her ascension. All let you all in on something. There are topless photos of the busty blonde scattered throughout the web. Happy Hunting.


Source: Studio Flamingo


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